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The chaos of 2022 brought a huge amount of pain and deprivation to this world, it was a year of an endless number of tragedies
We witnessed how the doctrines of a “bright future” that society slipped into us in the form of a quick-acting sedative eventually led to devastating consequences.
In the same year, the myth of the power of one of the largest colonial empires, actively “taking care” of its “subjects” (destroying them), finally crumbled.
The dreams of a large number of people on the planet are connected not with the future but with the desire to return to the illusion of a calm past or with the wish that "all of this would be finally over"
At the same time, every day the living dead with their fantasies “About their own greatness” pass off miserable shams of an effective world order to Mankind.
Looking around, it seems that our ability to see the world as it could be has disappeared, and our need to dream has been abolished and looks like an unnecessary tool, a game of escapism.
After all, the myth-makers of the “Empire” that is crumbling before our eyes are incapable of imagination, they only endlessly reproduce the images of the past.
This means that if we want to live in a better society and a better future, we need to start imagining it now.
Yes, now we are stuck in the space BETWEEN the worlds, in a kind of timelessness, like in the fairy forest of Clive Staples Lewis from The Chronicles of Narnia. But it depends only on us what this world will be like when chaos is transformed into some new matter.
Poet Rilke wrote that “The future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens.”
Like the ancient chaos, which, we recall, is not the opposite of order, but is a source of creation, the chaos of 2022 provoked a remarkable phenomenon - the movement of creative energy in space.
Artists who have been living in the epicenter of the colonial system for a long time have literally scattered throughout the Universe.
Those who lived along its perimeter - definitely broke off. The bloody battles of independence from the outdated and decaying metropole are still going now and will keep going on for a long time. But this independence will certainly come, giving impetus to new energies, ideas, and meanings.
Enormous in its potential, the creative energy of thousands of people has found itself “outside”. Literally outside the system.
This is the energy of those who have their own picture of the future, despite the tremendous fear of the UNKNOWN. And this means that it is they who have the chance to “recreate” this world. Create a new Mythology of the Future.
What will the collapse of the old world be like, and how will the new world be born? What artefacts and what heroes will it leave behind? What myths will be told about it?
BL8D Vol. 2 appeals to the Artists and their superpower - to create from Chaos, from nothing, like God— a new heaven and a new earth, to invent a new language, to imagine something that has never happened before.
We appeal to the ability of artists to dream no matter what. For the sake of the future, which will surely come.

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